10 tips for proper nutrition for children

baby-eye-blueMothers often have a tendency to îndoape children and am very happy with where their babies are dolofani. Although grăsuţii are adorable, parents need to be very careful about the weight of the offspring, in order not to arrive from plumper downright obese.
According to the website prokid.ro, you should study what are the limits in which it must overcome this weight depending on the age and height of the child.
Here are 10 tips to control the weight of the child:


1. Follow the schedule of 4 meals a day

Experts say that indicated there are 4 meals a day, with snacks included. Don't give up when the child will tell you that is not hungry, and thus to give cookies or other sweets. If you don't want to eat at the time set, you will eat more at the next meal. Don't give him the desert between meals.



2. Teach him where it serves

The main tables of the child must arise after a ritual must clearly and mănâce only, not on television or in any other part. Do not let him leave with food in my pocket, because it will develop a bad habit of crunch.


3. Using colorfastness game for vegetables and fruits

If vegetables and fruits are not his favourites, arrange them so that they are attracted to the color combinations. Even if you want to eat just a few dishes you can enter in these fish or vegetables and cut thin. Place bets and make everything look like a game: "I bet you can't eat that."

Toddler food

4. Check your child's plate

With all discretion, must watch video what they eat and what you drink the child. That doesn't mean you have to eat it all forced to dish up i hurt. Do you get upset if I don't eat everything. Maybe not, maybe it's the village.

5. Limit the culinary temptations of the child

When you go shopping with your baby, do not give up rugăminţilor's district with sweets. Take a few and once home store sweets on a shelf where you can't get the little ones like to be always autoservescă.


6. Give your child positive examples

Children under the age of 7 years they like to imitate the great ii, on adults or peers and friends. Tell him "see your brother, he ate the whole plate" or "your friend is so high because she ate the Apple."


7. Evaluate your child's time spent in front of the tv

Food ads on television broadcasters are very enticing and make them twist. In addition, the State in front of the tv turn them into sedentary. Driven it on the child to make the move.


8. Avoid products at discounted prices

Usually the chapter products nutrition at low price contain fewer proteins your vegetables, but more fats or sugars.


9. Supervised weight chart

Pediatrician doctor will tell you if your baby's weight is normal or not. In any case there is no question to ask a child to weaken, but better you give sweets in moderate amount.



10. Do not use violence in order to forbid to eat much

Don't tell the child it's oily. Explain to them that it would be better to not eat sweets between meals "of course will help you become more beautiful". Give them sweets only in small quantities and only as dessert, not before. If we deny with violence, the child may grow with behavioral disorders and eat stealthily.
Source: libertatea.ro



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