Beans goulash over

stewedThis preparation makes the Hungarian cuisine, honour you fully satisfy your taste buds.
It is a very tasty dish and satioasa, easy and fast to prepare.



Papricas of carp, catfish, perch or cod
Timp preparare
Timp gatire
Timp total
Portii: 4
  • 1 kg fish,
  • 300 g onions,
  • 1 kg potatoes
  • 300 g Red
  • 50 g garlic
  • 150 ml oil,
  • 50 g broth,
  • ½ bay leaf, sheet
  • 1 thyme, fir
  • ½ cup wine,
  • 1 l water
  • parsley,
  • salt,
  • paprika or cayenne pepper
Cum preparam:
  1. Cut one into pieces, and fry it saram in oil until golden brown.
  2. In the same oil, fry the chopped onion, add the broth, paprika, thyme, quench with 1 litre of water.
  3. Leave to boil. Peeled potatoes separately calim Peel, wash and cut into small cubes, toast as I browned a little, because it may be boiled together with fish.
  4. Grab a tray that put fish first, then deep fried potatoes (half) and sauce. Fit salt and add the wine, tomatoes and sliced into pieces together.
  5. We put the Pan in the oven, leave to sit well in the boil, until the potatoes are ready, and the sauce is lowered enough.
  6. Serve hot with chopped parsley, sprinkled on top.


Flavor and good taste-beans goulash over

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