Cabbage-"doctor of the poor"


Cabbage is also called ' doctor of the poor "and has been used since ancient times to treat many pains.

Cabbage has energizing, nutritive, remineralizantă, tonic, increases the resistance in the face of disease, the lung is a good antiseptic and expectorant properties and depurative. Antacid effect, cabbage is a good remedy in ulcers.

Ideal in the treatment of ulcer
Cabbage is an effective antacid, so it is often indicated in the treatment of ulcers. Herbology offers as a remedy in healing ulcers, cabbage juice because it has a high in glutamine, an amino acid that feed on the cells that line the stomach and small intestine.
The positive effect that it has on the cabbage juice the membrane of the stomach is due to clinical studies shows vitamin U. Sauerkraut juice contain this vitamin, which has the ability to inhibit excessive secretion of gastric acid and vitamin level restores from the body. Also, cabbage is rich in mucilage, sulfur, potassium salts, compounds that offer healing properties. Vitamin K acts cabbage antihemoragic.


The leaves, the varicose ulcer cure
Cabbage does not "fixes" only internal, but leziunele and external diseases treated, such as contuziile, plagues and cracks from the simplest to the severe. Cabbage leaves, used in the form of poultices, scars and restore the affected tissues. Also, varicose ulcers, hemorrhoids and even animal bites can be cured with these poultices.


With pickled cabbage looking for constipation
Whether it be an occasional or chronic constipation, pickled cabbage may fix this problem. Cabbage can improve digestion, due to rich in dietary fiber and the "good" bacteria, which regulates the intestinal flora. Dietary fibres from pickled cabbage cleansing effect and helps remove residues from the colon.


Can relieve rheumatism and nevralgiile
Externally, the cabbage can also be used to relieve rheumatic pains and neuralgia.
Cabbage has healing effects and disinfectants to tissues, using everything in the form of poultices. They bring benefits in case of sprains, relieve congestion because the affected area. In addition, applications with abscesses, boils cabbage treats, but also contuziile and various wounds. If the wound is closed, cabbage leaves are applied to the problem area, after being anointed with olive oil.


Reduce asthma attacks
Cabbage has positive effects and the asthma attacks and in the treatment of bronşitelor. Apply 3-4 coats of cabbage leaves on the chest, throat, lungs or on the basis of the shoulder blades. Cabbage leaves must stay on the skin for at least 5 hours. Cabbage can be used internally, to alleviate the symptoms of asthma. It is advisable to drink cabbage juice to reduce asthmatic crises.


May prevent cancer
Cabbage has shown excellent qualities in preventing colon cancer. How can a seemingly ordinary vegetable to "compete" with medicinal treatments expensive battle against cancer? The explanation we give scientists, who found that when cabbage is chewed and mid-cycle, a sulphurous compound from vegetable interacts with an enzyme, glucose and reactive products with detoxifying properties of cancer cells.




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