Charlotte Cake

Charlotte Cake

Charlotte Cake

There are several apple pies but if you want something new-Charlotte-is the best option. This dessert has an unusual taste for an Apple Cake.



Charlotte Cake
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Categoria: : Dessert/Sweets
Portii: 6
  • 5 sweet apples
  • 30 bucați champagne biscuits
  • 70 g butter
  • 70 g sugar
  • 50 ml whiskey, rum or cognac
  • A bețișor of scortișoară
For the syrup
  • 50 g butter
  • 70 ml whiskey, rum or cognac
  • 150 ml water
Cum preparam:
  1. Sweet apples we chop them out seeds and cut them into 1-cm cubes.
  2. In a deep frying pan, melt 50 g butter, add apples, 50 g sugar, 50 ml. alcohol (whisky, rum, cognac) and bețișorul of cinnamon.
  3. Distuim apples until they are soft-for 10-15 minutes, then give them to one side to cool.
  4. Tapetăm a deep tray medium size, about 20 g of butter we sprinkle over 20 grams of sugar. Stirring well form above sink, so the sugar to cover in a dense layer walls and bottom shape and overweight you take.
  5. We prepare the syrup-cratiță, mix 50 g sugar 70 g cognac, rum or whisky and 150 ml water.
  6. Put on fire 2-3 minutes to melt the sugar after you pour into a tray of cake and leave it to cool.
  7. Once cooled syrup sweet biscuits we soften for 10 seconds each and tapetăm with they form ready.
  8. After we dressed in the shape we Center rusks apples. Perform tamping them well and then we over a row of rusks
  9. Put in a preheated oven at 200 degrees and bake for 40-45 minutes.
  10. The cake will be ready when the top will coax sweet biscuits color rosiatică.
  11. Decorate with lime zest, mint or Berry.
  12. Can serve with whipped cream.




Bon appetite!

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