Chicken, recommendations and tips

According to statistics, the most consumed meats worldwide is the chicken. The qualities that make it to be so popular they are, besides dietary ones (the chicken is dubbed and champion of food for only 100 weakened cal/100 g raw meat), the wide variety of combinations can be prepared and not least advantageous price.

Keeping chicken meat

The chicken can be purchased fresh or frozen, pre-packaged generally tăvițe foam wrapped in foil or directly into plastic bags. They must not be disposed of with only a short time before being cooked, because they are designed to maintain the meat as fresh.   Before you prepare the meat, you should remove from packaging and clătim thoroughly with cold water and then a uscăm with absorbent cloths.

In case you opt for frozen meat and we want to keep for a long time, it is well that once arrived home to gauge immediately in the freezer.

The chicken is thawed in the refrigerator overnight so that nutritional properties not to be lost.
Where to buy meat, it should be proapătă soon in the refrigerator, to prevent the interruption of heat and illness.
Equally important to avoid toxinfecțiilor food is to check the last date of validity indicated on the package.
In addition, raw chicken should be kept always on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and kept at a distance of gătitaă meat, dairy products, raw vegetables or other foods.

Chicken meat

The wide variety of combinations we can prepare chicken, make this an option increasingly desired by all the housewives. It can be used for liquid dishes such as soups, soups and borșurile, the snacks and cold at tocănițele with sauce but especially the steaks of various sorts (grilled steaks, grilled, baked or fried), depending on each person’s preferences.

The most suitable parts for roast chicken are:

-Whole Chicken can be eaten as such if it is prepared in the oven (with or without stuffing) or can be porționat and used in the ways described below.
Chicken-Or have an increased content of iron (consumption prevents anemia) are ideal to be prepared whole or boned grilled but can be very tasty and prepared from the tray.
-Breast is low in fat but rich in protein (where it is consumed without the skin), it can be broiled on the grill (dietetic mode) in pan with flour and egg (șnițele) at fâșiuțe or cut prepared wok to oven (rolls, stuffed chicken breast).
-Fins have a richer in fat content and, therefore, are not recommended to persons who maintain diet based reduced-fat. Prepared in the oven or on the grill they are delicious especially the sauces sweet or spicy acrișoare.

How do you prepare the chicken in the oven:

-wash the puppy very well under cold running water (both outside and inside) and usucăm it with a towel.
-brush the chicken with a little olive oil and we sprinkle it with spices and seasonings of your choice, for flavouring (we can daub directly with garlic sauce prepared in advance) and we’ll put it in the tray from the oven.
-preîncălzim the oven to a temperature of about 250 ° c.
-rumenenim chicken for 10-20 minutes at this temperature.
-We will reduce the temperature to 170 ° C and leave the chicken in the oven for about 30-40 minutes, if it’s a mid or up to 70 minutes, if it’s a really big chicken.
-Let the roast rest 15-20 minutes, so as to reabsorb the juices and are easier to cut.

How do I check if the chicken in the oven is done?

Before removing the chicken from the oven, ințepăm with a toothpick or a thick pulp side frigăruie. If the juices coming out in the following înțepării are slightly more chicken needs, rozalii left in the oven, and if they are clear, the chicken is ready.
I wish you good appetite!
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