Combat stress with food aid

stressHave you heard of stress?

What is stress?

I'm sure Yes, il and I felt very often and I wish from the heart it can avoid. Just as hectic our lives does not leave room for something. Despite the fact that stress is everywhere today il live and children, adults, and elders, to talk quite a bit about it as a risk factor for our health.


Learn how to combati your stress with the help of food and read more about the foods that can help you!



There are many huge studies show that overuse, chronic fatigue, in other words, our stress every day brings their contribution to the emergence and evolution of chronic disease, degenerative.

Heart diseases are the first to stress that it's dangerous, but scientists tell us that and cancer would "benefit" from stress, as well as something less serious illnesses, but we can greatly decrease quality of life (such as, for example, some digestive diseases: gastritele, diskineziile, colitele, irritable bowel disease, etc.).


Download (2)Top anti-stress foods
So, what to do?!

It's easy to tell you to not get more stressed out.

But there are some foods that can help to minimalizezi the impact of stress, to relax more easily and, why not, to your pleasure and to contribute to a healthy diet.

I'm going to see that some of these foods are very handy and not "antagonize" any wallet.


Download (3)Walnuts
Recommended by nutritionists in particular for their positive effects on the functioning of the heart and vessels, and nuts are beneficial for our nerovs system.

Why?! It is not about a single nutrient, but a "bunch" consisting of antioxidants and healthy fats.
Nuts contain antioxidants and polyphenols in different studies in reputable laboratories proved to have the highest level of antioxidants of all fruits with hard crust!

Both raw and roasted nuts, have the ability to prevent oxidarile and turning in good cholesterol bad cholesterol, combat inflammation and relieves vascular endothelial function, ensuring protection of the face of atherosclerosis.

So the brain is properly irrigated with blood and can handle stress!

But not only: Polyunsaturated fatty acids, walnuts have Omega-3 fats that reduce and control cortisol and adrenaline, destresandu us. In addition, and antioxidants, and Omega-3 acids combat memory loss!


images (22)Avocado
It is a beneficial food for stress management and for our health in general.

Avocado is a fruit because it's strange, creamy and oily.

Fats in avocados are very healthy, being a great source of Omega-3. It also has that prevents absorption of glutathione, unhealthy fats and antioxidant.

Avocado has folate, strictly necessary for various lawsuits in the nervous system. Being fat, you can add or paste the made cross-dressing as salads or as an addition to various sandwiches.

Can also be used as a dipping sauce for chips or tacos and is far healthier than the various sauces "ready", rich in synthetic substances and harmful fats.

fructe_de_padureCitrus fruits and berries
Here are some fruits that are good in any situation. Before getting into the details, it's good to know that they have the same good effect everything from blackberries and raspberries, lemons, oranges and the cranberries.

All are full of vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant itself, but moreover, it is involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters that, when missing, determine the occurrence of depressive syndromes.

CitrusCombatting stress through an adequate intake of vitamin C is described for a long time, but recently, German researchers have made the following experiment: have a lot of people subjected to stressful circumstances.

Well, the people of which consumasera a dose of vitamin C had a lower blood pressure and low levels of cortisol, in compatratie with those who do not luasera vitamin.
Of course, there are other beneficial foods with anti-stress effect.

But don't think the food acts as a drug: once you've eaten, and the effect appears.

This is not so. You have to make a plan for healthy nutrition and to include in your diet and the goodies above. In this way you can be sure you'll make with brio and demands that girl will be able to relax perfectly.


Dr. Corina Koyejo
Food hygiene and nutrition specialist
Source: https://www.slabsaugras.

* Disclaimer: we are not typical Results, may vary from individual to individual, and may depend on everybody's lifestyle, health, and other factors.


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