Tips let us cultivate and neck skin


Neck as the skin is sensitive to temperature changes. Especially in the warm season you can notice the discrepancy between a ten groomed and neck.

Maintenance of the neck through the gym and cosmetic masks

Aggressive factors of nature affects this portion of skin, including below the Chin. If face massage is essential for the Chin is equally important. We must not overlook and conclusion of psychologists: women who don't go with the correct attire and head always bent are pessimistic and frustration.

Any woman should correct attire

In terms of aesthetics, makeup experts say, any woman who must be respected and the correct attire, including neck position. And the computer, and if şofează, the woman must remain "dignified", i.e., to keep his head straight, shoulders. To fulfill this aim must devote at least 20 minutes daily, maintenance gymnastics of the neck. We must not overlook any double chins!

A first exercise starts by bending the head toward the right shoulder, it returns to its original position: incline then head toward the left shoulder and back to neck-position. Repeat the movement, slowly, three times. We then gently twist the head from left to right and back again (repeating this exercise four times).

We will turn your head to the right, trying to look over his shoulder.

Repeat the same exercise it in the left side (three times). People who do these exercises occasionally, it's okay to not rush, because sudden movements trigger dizziness and muscle-bound.

To combat the double chin

To combat the double chin, after conducting these exercises, we will beat the rhythm of the palms, bridge, ten times in a session of gymnastics portion where the fat has accumulated, deforming the face us. Try to allow us the luxury to repeat these exercises and in the evening. Clearly, we will banish and stress accumulated during the day, through the recoil musculature.

After the gym, cosmetic masks

After, in the evening, you need to apply a mask, (at least twice a week). At our fingertips and highly effective is the fruit juice (two teaspoons mixed with honey).

If your skin is dry, we add three teaspoons of honey. Ideal is a mask prepared from roasted peach, apricot or banana mixed with fruit juice. Or from sana and honey, mixed ingredients being in equal parts.


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