Muffled crap

Duration: 60 minutes

Complexity: Medium

800 g fillet of fish (CARP, perch)
4 onions,
4 tomatoes,
2 tablespoons corn flour,
½ Cup fish broth
3 garlic cloves
black pepper, ground
Allspice Berry
parsley and thyme.
How do we prepare:
Fillet (with skin), cut presarăm slices with salt and pepper, you go through the flour and prăjm it in hot lei.
Onion rings made a cut and a călim until it becomes golden brown.
Onions and fish we put in the tray, add the allspice, cover with broth and let the slow fire 35-40 minutes.
Clean the tomatoes peeled, cut them in two and put them in the tray for 5 minutes.
Before it is ready add the crushed garlic and thyme.
Serve with polenta with butter and fresh tomatoes, garnish with parsley.

Bon appetite!

© 2016, Florentina Mirela.

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