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unnamedDanish diet is a diet of eating with severe restrictive which can be resumed to every six months without destabilizing the metabolism, nutrition experts argue. According to specialists, this course promises loss of seven pounds a week.

Danish diet lasts 13 days and the loss of 9 to 12 pounds but that is poor in kilocalories, people who want to keep this diet they need the agreement of the doctor before following the diet.


The results of the Danish diet varies from person to person-depending on the mode of reaction of the organism to various dishes.

Diet through the Danish diet is a good start for a major change of lifestyle and nutrition. Reading outdoors are a highly recommended the Danish diet.

Danish diet program-12 days

Day 1:

-Breakfast drink a cup of coffee sweetened with a sugar cube.

-lunch to eat two boiled eggs along with 380 grams of spinach and a red.

-Dinner will be composed of 200 grams of beef roast or seal and a fresh green salad with olive oil and lemon juice.

Day 2.

-For those who follow the Danish diet is recommended for breakfast the same cup of coffee sweetened with a sugar cube.

-Lunch will consist of 250 grams of ham and yoghurt with low body fat (preferably without artificial additives).

-Dinner will be composed of the same menu as in the previous day.

Day 3.

-Third day in the morning along with the cup of coffee will eat and a slice of toast.

-Afternoon will be composed of two boiled eggs, a slice of bacon and a fresh green salad.

-Dinner is going to eat a boiled celery a good red and an Apple.

Day 4.

-Breakfast will be the same as the previous day, a cup of coffee and a slice of toast.

-Lunch will consume 200 ml of orange juice and a yogurt.

-In the evening it is recommended that a boiled eggs, a grated carrot and 250 g cottage cheese.

Day 5.

-In the fifth day of the Danish diet at breakfast will eat a carrot.

-For lunch eat 200 grams of cod (can be replaced with trout or turbot) with lemon juice and one teaspoon of fresh butter.

Dinner will be in 200 grams of beef steak and a celery.

Day 6.

-Breakfast will be served a cup of coffee and a slice of toast.

-Lunch to those who follow the Danish diet will consist of two boiled eggs and a grated carrot

-dinner is shown a roast chicken and a salad.

Day 7.

-Breakfast buffet will consist only in a ceaşcuta coffee (no sugar)

-lunch won't eat anything but will drink plenty of water.

Dinner consists of 200 grams of pork loin of lamb, rabbit or reindeer and an Apple.

Day 8:

-Morning drink a coffee with sugar cube 1

-At lunch will eat 2 eggs hard-boiled, 380 grams of spinach and a red

-dinner will serve 200 gr beef or roast reindeer with lemon, fresh green salad with olive oil.

Day 9:

In the morning: coffee + 1 sugar cube.

Lunch-those who want to lose weight through dieting Danish will consume 250 gr ham and 1 natural yogurt

-Evening: 200 gr beef steak with lemon, green salad with olive oil

Day 10:

-In dimimeata of the tenth day of the Danish diet: coffee + 1 sugar cube + 1 slice of toast

-Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs + ham + 1 slice lettuce.

-Evening: 1 boiled celery + 1 red + 1 fruit

Day 11:

-Breakfast: coffee + 1 sugar cube + 1 slice of toast.

-Lunch: 200 ml of fruit juice + 1 yoghurt.

-Dinner: 1 hard-boiled egg + 1 grated carrot fruit + 250 gr

Day 12:

-Breakfast: 1 large carrot + lemon shaving.

-Lunch: 200 gr eat codfish (can be replaced with trout or turbot) + boiled lemon.

-Evening: 200 gr roast beef, butter and a celery breed

Day 13:

-The last day morning: diata Danish with a cup of coffee with a cube of sugar and a slice of toast.

-Lunch: 2 eggs strapped + grated carrot.

-Evening: 1/2 Chicken + Salad Greens with oil; lemon

For the results to not delay to appear in the diet through the Danish diet, it is recommended that lettuce should be fresh, and the yogurt to be natural no additives, sugar and fruit. Coffee should not be replaced with tea and ate a sugar cube, as it is stated-no more or less. According to experts, the sensation of hunger can be fooled by a high consumption of water, over two litres a day.


Source: http://www.frunza-verde.ro/dieta-daneza/dr. Mabie



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