Disingenuous for not weaken


Nutritionists recommended us the fruits as medicine

Although I rarely happen to eat what you want and you spend time alternating slimming belts, yet fail to lose extra pounds that you obsedează. Here are some possible traps hidden behind the food “light”

1. Avoid artificial food, dietetics “” that you find in stores with labels out loud that says “no fat” or “light”.

These products are loaded by other ingredients, like sugars or sodium, which are not suitable for a diet. For example, the usual yoghurts of “dietary” have little or no fat, but can contain up to 14 grams of sugar added. If, however, you’re hard to remove sugar from the diet, nutritionists recommend that you choose a natural yogurt, to which to add a little honey or fruit.

2. Consume low fat amounts. Do not remove them!

Non-fat foods seem ideal for a slimming cure, but they are traps for your success. Experts say that what matters is the control of fat in a diet. They warn of the danger of consuming certain foods that are “cleaned out” artificial, like cakes or ice cream, which lose their flavor in the process. Manufacturers add sugar, salt or starches in order to compensate for the lack of taste and the effect is disastrous for the diet. It seems, however, that to consume and fat, but in small quantities is even shown to lose weight, because the sensation of satiety is much greater than in the case of consumption of carbohydrates.

3. Beware of juices! The fruits are good, so how can it not be a good juice?

The problem with fruit juice is that are full of added sugar. Even if the juice is naturally more appropriate, no he is not ideal because by squeezing all the sugar from the fruit extract, but I don’t get tired because of a lack of fiber. One solution would be to a fruit, squeezed, gives and then drink the juice mixed with water.

4. Dietary food frozen.

This alternative “light” contains preservatives and sodium that cause bloating. One of the reasons why we want to loose weight is that we want to show better, so you need to avoid foods that we balonează. In addition, they make us feel heavier. Than fill the freezer with frozen food, better to make your own stock of fresh food, which you can keep in the freezer to get us all week.


flavor and good taste-disingenuous for not weaken

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