DownloadEggs must be washed before they break so as not to introduce possible bacteria present on the shell?

-Hopper helps you separate the egg white from the yolk? If you want to separate the yolk raw egg in order to beat them, place the raw egg into the hopper, and the egg white will leak into the container (or you can purchase a gadget that facilitates the task).


-When the peasants had no refrigerators, they store their eggs between 3-6 months if you put grunjoasă in salt or lime paste?

-Number stamped on egg indicates their origin? Thus, the figure 0 belongs to organic products (chickens were not raised with chemicals and they are grown outdoors and not in the battery, which makes the eggs do not contain stress hormones secretaţi hen), Figure 1 shows that the eggs come from hens raised outdoors, Figure 2 shows that the eggs come from hens raised in hale on the ground and the figure 3, the worst, indicate that chickens coming from these eggs were caged.

-Egg yolk Color is determined by feeding it receives chicken? The more yellow or orange cereal grains it eats, the more it will be colorful and egg yolks.

-If înţepi with the needle area more curved to the egg before the chicken to boil it, peel it off easier?


How long do fresh eggs keep?

The degree of freshness of eggs depends on the manner in which they were kept. If the egg is not kept in the fridge for over a week is no longer fresh.

If it is kept in the refrigerator in a special box, with the sharp end of the egg down to the room there is air pressure (the space between the egg and the shell), it can be kept for up to three weeks.

How much you should boil an egg?

Boil gently, very luscious-3-4 minutes.
Cooked medium, creamy-4-5 minutes.
Hard-boiled-5-7 minutes.
Regardless of the times, after you've removed the egg boiled water should quickly put it in cold water, because otherwise the internal process of cooking will continue due to the shell.

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