Fish as food: benefits and risks

 Specialists consider that fish is a very important part of a healthy diet. 
Fish and seafood are important for health, as it contained a long chain omega-3 fats and are rich in nutrients such as vitamin D and selenium, have a high content of protein and low in saturated fat.
Inclusion in the diet of fish or fish oil helps to maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels

As part of the fish, food, can fight against heart disease in several ways. Omega-3 fats from fish protects the heart against the development of heart rhythm disorders.

There is strong evidence and consistent about these benefits, that specialists recommend that people consume sș fish twice a week.
Unfortunately, quite a few people take into account these tips.
Some fish, and Yuri in the case of others, reduced consumption is also linked to the cost, access difficult to sell stores and uncertainty about how to prepare or cook the fish.
 Others are afraid of the reactions on the body of mercury residues of pesticides, toxins that may be present in seafood and fish.
Mercury is a naturally occurring element that is found in air, water and food. 
The majority of people exposed to mercury through foods. 
The fish is contaminated with mercury in water courses and the oceans in which lives and feeds.
This mercury forms the most toxic form, methylmercury, and affect tissue proteins of the body, such as muscles. 
Fish predators have the largest amount of mercury of any species of fish.
Among the species of fish and seafood, with a small amount of mercury include: anchovies, hake, escolar “, crab, crawfish, herring, mackerel, flounder, șalău, salmon (fresh or preserved sardines), clams, prawns, squid, tilapia, lobster, oysters.
Species of fish with a moderate content of mercury and that should be consumed by a maximum of six times per month include: carp, cod, halibut, tuna, bass, Atlantic croaker.

Tips-how to choose the correct fish

  • Buy fish, live
  • Examine the gills, a “tool” in determining the freshness of the fish. They should be red in colour, although in some species of fish can be dark and Red
  • Fish eyes must be clear, transparent.
  • Bright, clean the scales-a sign of freshness
  • Meat, fish caught recently is dense, tough and quick shape-and recovers. Press gently on the surface of the fish-if it remains a hole, then the fish is fresh nesuficient.



How do I add the fish:

As to make fish how it’s good to know a few tricks from professional chefs.
Recipes with fish fillets are done very quickly, it does not require many ingredients and you can always fresh and healthy food for the evening meal.
1. The ingredients are prepared with 2-3 hours before.
2. Fish in marinade at least 30 minutes to combine flavors
3. The best spices for fish are Rosemary, turmeric, celery leaves, Sage and pepper
4. The marinade is done stirring extra virgin olive oil with lemon juice, salt and desired seasonings
5. Lime may be replaced with other acidic liquids, which frăgezesc the meat: yogurt, beer, balsamic vinegar
6. It is recommended to use Peppers over fish fillets, but only if it will not be consumed by children
7. The fish fillets in the marinade is left to hot oven about 25 minutes
8. Because the fish has a high content of water there is no need to add water before you put it in the oven
9. A sauce that goes great with fish is the preparation of butter, a little flour, white wine or lemon juice and capers. 
Melt butter at a medium temperature switch, not very high, it thickens with an equal quantity of flour, and then add lemon juice. 
Caperele leave boiled in white wine until it is reduced by half, then combined with the sauce made with butter and flour.
10. In addition to a fillet of baked fish goes well a mix of grilled vegetables sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. 
Courgettes, carrots, peppers and celery sticks are delicious grilled, but provided you let them crisp to keep from nutrients.

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