Ginger tea


Ginger tea

Health guaranteed, ginger, honey and lemon


It is very important to consume fresh ginger root, pliculeţele powder not quite uncertain as the origin. Find in supermarkets such bucheţele of ginger, which are not expensive nor does it oxidizes very quickly.



Preparation: take a piece of the root (about 5 cm), rinse thoroughly under running cold water gives through grater. Boil a liter of water and when boiling water is added and grated ginger. Allow it to boil for one minute, then turn off heat and leave covered for 30 minutes, then strain and consumed as needed.

Ginger tea is sweetened with honey, with the addition of lime or lemon juice with mint and tastes pungent but pleasant taste buds.

Ginger tea-active substances and properties

honey-and-gingerGinger root is rich in potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and magnesium, vitamins B6, C and D, as well as multiple essential oils with beneficial properties, such as gingerol, cineol, borneol, Essentials, bisabolen, curcumen, phelladrene-aphrodisiac, acting as a general tonic and removes fatigue toxins accumulated in your body.

According to the latest medical studies, ginger tea has beneficial effects on the body: Emetic, expectorant, antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, hypotensive, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifebril and platelet antiaggregatory agent.

Ginger tea-Benefits

Combat digestive discomfort by improving absorption of beneficial substances in foodstuffs and supraalimentaţiei prevention. Therefore, ginger tea consumed after meals rich Easter is excellent for3 regaining control of digestion.
In addition, consumed ginger tea daily can prevent diarrhea, the flatulenţelor, the balonării and indigestion due to chemicals in which tones the muscles prevents the digestive tract, and increased level of gastric acid, which can cause heartburn.

Strengthens the immune system due to the large amount of antioxidants that reduce the risk of infections or diseases. For example, a cup of ginger tea consumed daily can significantly reduce the risk of stroke because the active ingredients from ginger locks storage fats on arteries, reduce the level of bad cholesterol and helps in preventing various forms of cancer.

Also ginger tea is highly effective in treating colds because they relieve congestion nasal upper, moistens the throat muscoasa, thus helping to relieve cough, expectoration and fosters, which speeds up the healing process. In addition, the troublesome symptoms of allergy relieves.

Ginger tea is excellent and for good blood circulation, prevents clots and helps transport oxygen and nutrients to all asubstanţelor vital organs of the body, including to the penis (hence the aphrodisiac effect). Amino acids and minerals in ginger root also promotes the level of red blood cells, so it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

If you start the long journey and the car or plane you causes motion sickness, ginger tea is the ideal solution. A cup of tea before you climb in the car is perfect to reduce stress levels responsible for the emergence of this feeling of motion sickness. Gingerolul also can block certain chemoreceptori in the area, and so is the feeling of nausea or vomiting.

4-35-300x167Ginger tea work wonders and in terms of the health of joints, preventing the much dreaded rheumatoid arthritis. Chemicals in ginger related rein in COX-1 enzymes and COX-2, responsible for the occurrence of inflammations in the body. In addition, these substances may be useful in treating migraines, osteoarthritis, low back pain or muscle cramps. Great care, however, eating ginger in combination with non-steoridiene drugs, because there is an increased risk of bleeding and other side effects.

For people who are experiencing the condition called athlete's foot, a skin disease that is located between the toes, they can sunbathe with ginger tea, which helps to relieve itching, burns and umflăturilor in that area.

And menstrual cramps find their resolution in ginger tea. Nor măcare not have to drink. It's scientifically proven that a compress soaked in tea of ginger and affixed to the lower region of the abdomen can relieve pain and relax muscles.

And if you prefer to drink a cup of ginger tea, that helps get rid of stress and has an excellent energizing effect, which is why you are advised not to consume it in the evening, but only in the early morning hours, to deal with all the tasks successfully and not only.

Ginger tea-Contraindications

Drinking ginger tea is contraindicated for patients with kidney disease because it can aggravate existing problems.

Although traditional medicine suggests that pregnant women drink a daily cup of ginger tea in the first trimester of pregnancy (to get rid of nausea morning), there is until now substantiated results which demonstrate that there is no adverse effect on the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women experiencing nausea early risers are advised to consult a physician before consuming ginger tea.

It should also be avoided at any cost in excess of consumption is ginger tea because instead to do well can affect digestion, and may give rise to unpleasant symptoms such as dry mouth syndrome, diarrhea, nausea or burning in the chest, head and gastric hyperacidity.

Attention in the case of diabetics since ginger consumed in excess can drastically reduce the level of zahâr in the blood causing hypoglycemia.

And if you follow a treatment with analgesics, such as aspirin or ibuprofen-or antihypertensives, avoid ginger tea because it lowers blood pressure and can cause palpitations, but also unusual bleeding.

Also, avoid to drink ginger tea for a period if you follow to be undergo surgery. It seems that the substances within this plant interfere with those within a general anaesthesia and desired effect is cancelled. Precisely for this reason, doctors recommended the termination of administration of ginger, in whatever form, with at least one week before the surgery.


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