Green bean soup

Duration: 30 minutes
Complexity: simple

Green bean soup

Green bean soup

Green bean soup
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Categoria: Soups/Broths
Portii: 4
  • 6 cups water
  • 3 cups green beans, trimmed
  • 4 tomatoes,
  • 2 peppers,
  • 2 onions,
  • 1 carrot,
  • 1 parsley root (celeriac)
  • ½ cup sour cream,
  • 2 eggs,
  • 2 cups sour Borscht or a little lemon, salt
  • salt, black pepper, beans
  • 1 chilli,
  • lovage, green
  • 1 tablespoon dill and green cut parsley.
Cum preparam:
  1. Put in boiling water, then green beans cut carrot, parsley, onions, Pimentos cut-all small cubes-and boil 10 to 12 minutes.
  2. Add the tomatoes peeled and chopped peeled, leuşteanul, Borscht, salt and black pepper.
  3. More than 5-7 minutes, then add the beaten eggs with sour cream.
  4. Boil a little, without lasăm to clocotească.
  5. Season with ground chillies and Greens.
  6. Serve with sour cream.




Bon appetite!


Flavor and good taste-Green Bean Soup

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