Grilled lamb steaks

Steaks of lamb

Steaks  of lamb prepared with skill are irresistible



Because time comes to  grill in the courtyard of the house or in the green grass, I invite you to a simple recipe with delicious results.  Steaks of grilled lamb are tasty, delicious and only thinking about them you let your mouth water.

Grilled lamb chops
Timp preparare
Timp gatire
Timp total
Portii: 6
  • 12 lamb chops
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • spices for lamb
  • thyme, salt and pepper
Cum preparam:
  1. Yesterday cotletele of lamb, and beat a little hammered schnitzel. Season with spices and special detailed lamb meat, thyme, salt, pepper.
  2. Put them in a bowl and pour the olive oil over them.
  3. We cover and enter in the refrigerator for half an hour for them to penetrate the aromas of spices.
  4. After you have cotletele enough to soak the place on hot grill well. Return them on both sides until nicely toasted.
  5. We serve hot with garnish of Grilled Polenta, vegetable, potatoes or with various sauces.

Good appetite!

Flavor and good taste- lamb steaks grilled

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