Ham rolls



Ham rolls

Ham rolls

For holidays and birthdays, wish to prepare festive appetizer. What we put on the plates must be more colorful, more diverse and tastes to be fine and delicate.

Today we prepare a product that cannot be missing from the shelf with goodies-Rolls with ham and salad boeuf.

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Ham rolls
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Ham rolls Appetizer Recipe Type: Author: Tina
Portii: 5
  • 10 Prague ham slices
  • 250 g salad boeuf
Cum preparam:
  1. Prepare a salad of orange peel (orange peel salad recipe Link)
  2. Put a teaspoon a boeuf salad, allow us to run on each piece of ham. Run ham and sit on a platter.
  3. Any simpler as you can.


Good appetite!




Flavor and good taste-ham rolls

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