How to proceed. Tips in the kitchen

  1. Sure it's hard to see how to boil an egg inside, but over time have developed methods that now are quite safe.
Thus, if an egg is put into boiling water, then reduce the fire light, an egg will go as follows: Boil slightly, very luscious-6 minutes. Cooked medium, creamy-9 minutes.
Hard-boiled-12 minutes.

2. Boil potatoes in Peel in covered, for 20 minutes; potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces in boil uncovered for 15 minutes; and baked potatoes are getting ready in 10 minutes.

3. Clean fruits and vegetables as little as possible, which may scratch them.

4 boil Potatoes and carrots in the bark. Do not clean the courgettes, cucumbers or tomatoes. Bark fibres are concentrated, vitamins and minerals. This is true for fruit. Cut fruits and vegetables into large chunks just before you prepare. Contact with the air and water lead to oxidation and the loss of nutrients. You can cut them into small pieces after cooking.

5. It is enough to wash them, don't let the vegetables in the water;


6. The best way of cooking vegetables is water vapor. In this way it keeps Ant beta-carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins and minerals. Carrots, celery, beetroot, potatoes, peas need more time, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, spinach or chicory should not be left more than 15-20 minutes.
7. Tip for delicious pancakes.

Prepare the dough not long before:
The fresher, the pancakes will come out better. The ideal is to do it right then. Do you take less than 10 minutes.
Do not use a thin pan:
As to not burn the pancakes, it is recommended to use a thicker pan and oven fire to be given to the environment, not great.
You must not interfere too much dough, because gluten flour together with proteins in the eggs will begin to react and we'll get you some Gummy pancakes
Pie dough
Buy just the batter very well chilled! Check not be thawed, and packaging to be intact.
Prior to use, defrost the dough very well. Use a soft dough, but cool. Don't wait to start crumble.
Thawed puff pastry dough in no way forced, using any heat source or in a microwave oven. Better remove it from the freezer in the evening and leave it in the refrigerator all night.
Cut the pie dough with a sharp knife. Dull knife mototoleste layers in which consists the dough.
Appetizers much water, contains about 95%, and at cooking it will leave very much juice in the jar.
If you are a sărezi, it absorbs less oil.
Eggplant salad comes out much better and healthier if you bake the eggplant in the oven instead of the chicken on the grill or stove top.
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Eggplants can be frozen, but will change the taste and texture.
Eggplant brought to maturity have a potentially less toxic than young ones, young ones contain more solanină, potentially toxic substance. Therefore, do not choose Eggplant very strong.

Flavor and good taste-how to proceed! Tips in the kitchen

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