Israeli army diet, a plan to attack the Flash over the excess weight gain

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Created in the 1970s, the Israeli army diet made furore among people eager to thin silhouette in a very short period of time. The diet lasts eight days and promises a significant weight loss of 5 to 10 kg.

There is a mild diet, many of those who try it let up and a few days in first abandons. How about reckless who succeed it carry out, they may have a difficult mission: keeping results.
Discover how the Israeli army diet, what are you not allowed to eat or drink during them.
Israeli army diet was promoted as being based on the diet used by Israel Defense Forces for waist adjustment to new recruits. In reality, however, has nothing to do with the alleged source.

What is a food plan?
You must inarmezi with a lot of willpower to keep this slimming cure. That's because the menu is very strict and vapid. Basically, the food is divided into 4 stages every two days, in which only consume a particular foodstuff. Drastic restrictions appear in chapter. Basically, the list of accepted only water figure and black coffee, no sugar added.
Days 1 and 2
Consume only fresh apples, preferably of the same variety. There are no limits in terms of quantity, however, so you can eat any time you want.

Days 3 and 4
These days, the only place in plate cheese, preferably with small percentage of body fat. It's advisable to avoid cheese, mozzarella, mascarpone, etc.

Days 5 and 6
Are dedicated exclusively to consumption of chicken meat. Warning: this is not, however be prepared anyway, but merely to steam, boil, grill or oven, without a little oil and seasoned with just salt and pepper.

Days 7 and 8
The last two days are the hardest and you'll understand immediately why when you learn that the only permissible food is lettuce, which you are not allowed to put any kind of dressing.

Warnings required
Israeli army diet causes an important weight loss, which can reach up to 10 kg, depending on the excess weight gain. It's true, sounds promising.

However, it must know that the method does not benefit from the support of the doctors. And that's because it creates unhealthy dietary patterns.

Days 1-2 and 7-8, the body is deprived of the protein, which can cause muscle loss. On the other hand, in 3-4 days it makes abuse of saturated fats which, when coupled with the lack of fiber, can cause problems for intestinal transit. Worth mentioning is the fact that 5-6 days menu contains zero carbohydrates, so installing the extreme fatigue, but also iritabilitatii it's guaranteed, especially the days 7-8 are the most low in calories.

Instead of conclusions
Although effective in terms of reducing the number of kilograms, the Israeli army diet proves to be a dangerous bet.

Besides the fact that involve nutritional imbalances intensely criticized by experts in health, there is one aspect that you should put on your thoughts before you can join the list from them: the yo-yo effect.

Therefore, carefully evaluate advantages and disadvantages. Now you can tell you're unknowingly cause.


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