Lettuce diet help you lose pounds and gain health

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Lettuce diet help you lose pounds and earning its beneficial properties sanatateDatorita, lettuce is a food almost omnipresent in weight-loss regimes, so it's no surprise that there is a dedicated her diet. No, it does not require consumption of leaves, but a consistent presence in their menu, so that you will not starve are tempted.

It's an easy cure to follow and with visible effects. Sounds too good? Well, it's true.
Discover how do you diet with lettuce and what are the main rules to be complied with during the 11 days. Yes, this diet lasts!


Lettuce is one of the best Cafe food. An average leaf has only one calorie. So, eat 15 leaves (about 100 grams), you fill the stomach and contorizezi only 15 calories-reputed all over! Instead, bring the body plenty of fiber and phytonutrients necessary for an optimal health and metabolism of iron. That's because fresh lettuce leaves host a significant amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, folate briefs in the synthesis of DNA, as well as minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and selenium.

From this point of view, there diet with lettuce it's only one loss, but also to revitalize. Let's see what does this.

The five phase roadmap
Due to the sudden change in diet can cause some disruption of digestive tract, diet with lettuce was designed so as not to cause discomfort in doing so, being divided into phases, as follows:

Phase 1
It's a 2-day accommodation at breakfast you will need to consume only a half-hour from a medium-sized green salad prepared with salt, fresh squeezed lemon juice, dill, parsley and other herbs, at will. An important rule to which you are not allowed to make rebate at this time is that as soon as you wake up to drink a large glass of water. In the morning you can drink and a coffee, but no sugar or other additives. In the rest of the day, you can eat whatever you want, including bread, but in moderation, of course.

Phase 2
In this stage you have to expend just salad mentioned above both at breakfast and at dinner. In other words, you will begin your day and will end with the salad. At lunch are you allowed to eat regular food, but without excesses. This second phase lasts the whole 2 days.

Phase 3
This phase, to call it, takes 3 days and requires a consumption of lettuce from morning until evening. It's not admitted any other food. The good news that you can eat salad oricata you want. There are no restrictions in this regard.
Phase 4
After those 3 days dedicated exclusively to lettuce, follow a gradual return to a diverse alimetatie. Basically, this fourth phase of the diet is similar to the second. By umare, for 2 days you will eat salad for breakfast and dinner and a normal meal at lunch.

Phase 5
This stage is indentica the first phase of the diet. In the last two days of the weight-loss treatment you must eat only salad for breakfast (just like in the first phase), and at lunch and dinner you give go-ahead for favorite dishes.

Special prizes
As you could notice, this diet requires progressive replacement of everything you eat with lettuce. Boredom taste buds in these circumstances is imminent. You can successfully combat if you analyze a few tricks that will make your diet a little more enjoyable. You can simulate a variety of different varieties by cosumul far lettuce. Let's not forget that there are salad iceberg, Chinese, Batavia, Lolla Rossa, etc. Enjoy this diversity!

Expected results
With this diet you can loosen it up 6 pounds, depending on the excess weight gain, but also had physical effort. Of course, to support the weight loss process it's important to watch what the chicken in the dish without the salt.

Do not expect to lose weight seeing with your eyes, if you give the iama in sweets or fries with the steak.

Eating balanced and results will surely occur!


Lettuce diet help you lose pounds and gain health




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