Noodles with nuts

Pasta with walnuts

Noodles with nuts

Before  to write the recipe of this  easy to make dish, which I experienced it again last night, I asked myself the question under what category to fit.

In the category of “main dishes”? In the category of “Sweets”? This kindness I think can be framed in either, is sweet, it is nourishing … it is a delicacy that you cannot refuse. I’m in the category “Recipes Grandma”, there is the place.

Let’s Cook together a.


broad noodles 1 packet (without egg if we consider the  Easter Lent)
250 g grounded walnuts
50 g butter (3 tablespoons oil if we consider the Easter Lent)

How do we prepare:

Boil the noodles in water with salt (put in the pot when water boils), boiling time is indicated in the instructions on the package.

After boiling the noodles slip without wash them under running cold water

In a pan put melted  butter and  add drained boiled noodles. Fry gently for 2-3 minutes to absorb the  butter, we take off the heat and add the nuts and sugar to taste

In many recipes I saw that add cinnamon or rum, but I prefer the pure taste of walnuts.

Noodles with walnuts are ready, serve warm.

Good appetite!

Noodles with walnuts

Noodles with walnuts


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Flavor and taste good-noodles with coconut

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