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Famous cardiovascular surgeon, inventor, Professor, academician of the cardiovascular surgeon and principal of Ministry of health of Russia, Leo Bokeria, during an interview televised overthrew the perception in traditional diets. According to the doctor, also our diet are wrong. Here’s what he said:

“A Russian proverb says that the breakfast will have to eat lunch alone, to share with friends, and the dinner to give enemies.

Eating breakfast alone is an absolute non-sense, i.e. a full breakfast. Mind you, only your you have woken up, the body begins to return to operational status, seated at the table, you eat a plate of pasta, one meat and enjoy a large glass of something. Then you and go to work dressed-and then you wait for your work. to be effective?

A long time ago, when he began the Soviet-American collaboration, I noticed that some reputable surgeons, drinking in the morning, in the best case, a small cup of coffee.
And so!

Lunch-a small tartină. And in the evening when attaching home, ate well, and then went to swim in the pool …
Therefore, the breakfast to give him their lunch takes a break and in the evening (but not late) eating well, after that do least.
According to my observations, in countries with populations are long, people live exactly like that. “

theFamous Russian doctor hypothesis is confirmed by recent research of the scholar David Levitsky of Cornell University.

He determined that if you fold for breakfast several times a week, extra pounds will disappear quickly.
He confirmed the theory from an experiment whose purpose was to determine the amount of food consumed per day.

Half of the participants in the experiment were eating breakfast regularly, others were not. The Group of participants who were deprived of breakfast, have a later twist more, but as it turned out, their volume of food per day there grew until the end of the day was with 408 calories fewer than in the first group of participants.

According to the scholar, such a strategy of food despite in the sense of hunger, no desire to eat more during the day and, therefore, does not lead to the accumulation of excess calories. Irregular consumption of breakfast can be considered one of effective systems of control of body weight.

“I understand that the idea of irregular consumption of breakfast belies the general opinion that breakfast is an important part for controlling body weight, but the new data does not argue this point of view.

Of course, this refers to healthy people. Where a person has diabetes, or hypoglycemia, she needs to eat at breakfast to maintain blood glucose levels, “said Levitsky.

But with the Russian Declaration and surgeon american scholar disagree World Health Organisation experts, which, summarising many studies try to ensure everyone that if a person who so far do not eat in the morning, begin to take breakfast, her weight is normal and extra pounds disappear gradually. In other words, breakfast correct metabolic processes and launches accelerates metabolism.

Yes, the rich breakfast in May’s fat hips. But there is also a breakfast event with moderate caloric density. Here are the tips nutriționiștilor in terms of the foods that you should avoid them at breakfast:

Processed food (sausages, salami, spleen)

But there are some tasty and healthy. The salami is not at all what it contains must be first and foremost-the meat. Instead, its content is replete with components harmful to health.
Like for example, potassium nitrite-preservative, which cause esophageal cancer. This is a direct result of the fillings from smoked.

Porridge without boiling

To shorten cooking time, mushy passes through a special process, which carbohidrații are turned into starch, which is quickly absorbed by the body. In order to improve the taste of different spices and add sugar, in significant quantities. So this product seems to be rather a dessert than a healthy breakfast.

Quick breakfasts

They are a sort of “pills” that are produced by extrusion blending various products-into a single homogeneous content, followed by a separation in marble popping of a certain size. This product necessarily contains flour, butter, sugar and starch.
Nutritional value of this product causing large doubts.

Dried fruits

Dried fruit from industrial production are treated with sulfuric acid and alkalis. In addition, they are soaked in sugar syrup. It is natural to ask ourselves what could be useful in such a product? It is a harmful product rather than useful.


Muesli passes through a special process of refining, which lose their cereals nutritional properties, carbohidrații hard digested quickly turns into sugar. This product and its similar ones contain a lot of sugar in its pure and empty calories.


These cheeses contain several components, but the least contain-cheese. Here we find the sugar, fat, preservatives, flavoring synthesized. Again, this product has nothing in common with a healthy breakfast. This product can be considered as dessert.

Packaged juices

There is a huge difference between a fresh juice and packed. Fresh juice “lives” not more than 15 minutes.
Packaged juice is rich in sugar and preservatives, it contains fruit pulp, and what we take as pulplă, in reality it is sugar beet pulp or pectin. Remember, that is to say high sugar consumption leads to deposition of subcutaneous fat.

Bananas and other fruits

When we talk about the usefulness of fruits, in particular we refer to fruit grown in our surrounding areas. Seafood and oceans (bananas) and are subjected to chemical treatments for their long-term preservation and to reach maturation.

Melted cheese

Any additional heat treatment is unnecessary, in particular what is the cheese. After melting process, this product loses its valuable qualities, turning it into a pile of fat. In addition, molten cheese made from cașcavalul can no longer be sold by piece, i.e. from scrap.
“The content of the article is just informative and cannot be a substitute for medical advice. For an accurate diagnosis, we recommend that you consult a practitioner. “

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