Plates with appetizers

Appetizers platters  Decorative appetizer platter

For me these appetizers are a real passion, as are more diverse are more spectacular. A platter with appetizers is a true work of art. It is not at all easy to glow, tastes and flavors to make color games and get an art gallery situated on a single plate.

Aperitif is, in some cultures, gastronomy first prepared (hot or cold), offered before way at lunch or dinner, usually reduced in quantity, with the aim of opening up the appetite.

In some countries it is used as this dish to be served at dinners or celebrations, but in others, such as Spain, Portugal, France, is a dish eaten on a daily basis, any occasion and any time of the week.

Aperitifs can be:

Another classification of aperitifs; can be made on the basis of the dominant ingredients:

Depending on the types of snack served, they will be presented as follows:

  • On the plateaus (hot or cold snacks), served in the dining room: open buffet, cocktail parties, receptions, etc.
  • On the plate (the individual), in special cups: cocktails and snacks in the category of certain salads of raw vegetable salad.
  • Serving black caviar is made by presenting the original product box, on a platter with ice or bed in crystal bowls.

Ideal as appetizers are small, for a imbucatura and you don't have to smell the food.
It is important to be more colorful, ornate with fancy tastes more and more cool.

Decoration and ask a lot of fantasy, and arranging a 70% share on the trays is a real art and requires a lot of skill and patience.


Various appetizers to order plateau  Appetizers platters Appetizers platters  Appetizers plattersAppetizer platter with various ornaments  Various antipasti platter Various appetizers and olive platter, branaza  Various antipasti platter   Appetizers platters  Appetizers platters Appetizer platter and olives  Tasty antipasti platter Delicious appetizer platter  Antipasti platter of cold cuts, cheese and fruitCheese appetizers  Appetizer platter rusks with butter cream  Various antipasti platter


Flavor and good taste-appetizers Platters


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