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Popular, nutritious and easy to prepare

Nowadays, the smoothie is situated in the most consumed beverages in America, being the preferred product of both celebrities and ordinary people.

Satisfy your desires Smoothie of all: it's nutritious, full of vitamins, filling, easy to prepare even home can cause weight loss and, most importantly, very tasty!

Smoothie recipes are extremely simple! All you have to do is to buy the necessary ingredients, always fresh, and mix them well-well in a blender.

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Breakfast smoothie
1 banana
Half cup of whole grains
25 g raisins
A plain yogurt, light
4 tablespoons fresh orange juice
3 nuts berries

This shake is ideal for mornings you don't have time to have breakfast. Do you put the resulting puree into a container that allows you to enjoy even behind the wheel.




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Fairy Smoothie
1 slice of baked pumpkin, without Peel
2 apricots, pitted
1 Brown cube sugar
Cup milk 2%
Cinnamon powder
Walnut kernels
1 ice cube

It's delicious for days of winter, it's creamy, aromatic and nutritious!


broccoliVegetarian Smoothie
2 carrots
4 of broccoli bouquets
raw spinach leaves
1 mar
1 orange
One-fourth of Zucchini
A sprig of parsley
Half cup with fresh oranges
Health by the glass! So would translate the myriad fruit and vegetables that it contains this smoothie. It's extremely good for the body and bring the necessary vitamins for the whole day.



BlueberryBlue Smoothie
150 g blueberries
4 raw almonds
cup soy milk
A light yogurt
Two teaspoons with honey
A dash of lime
This smoothie can be served as dessert. It's sweet and sour flavor-and delicate almond makes it irresistible.


mixedTropical Island Smoothie
baby banana (less)
3 tablespoons pineapple juice
3 tablespoons Pomegranate juice
3 tablespoons orange juice
Half cup vanilla pudding
Half of kiwi
Half of the mango
15 g coconut flakes
2 seed raw pistachios
2 ice cubes
It's so good that this smoothie get tired of him.


hotHot Smoothie
2 tomatoes cut into cubes
Half cup fresh tomato juice
3 tablespoons Apple juice
A quarter of celery
2 basil leaves
1 carrot
A dash of tabasco (hot pepper sauce very quickly)
2 ice cubes
Strong sensations! Recommended for those who adore drink Bloody Mary and spicy taste.




teaGreen Tea Smoothie
Cup with green tea
Half of the mango
One teaspoon with maple syrup
A dash of lime juice
2 cereal cookies
2 ice cubes

Cool and energizing …. worth trying!


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