The beneficial effects of Oranges

(1)What are you thinking when you feel the smell of Orange? In winter, cold, perhaps even at the holidays … Have you ever thought, however, that there are beneficial effects of oranges on your health?

What does it mean by a small Orange, including foray among what I bring them good and healthy in your body? In the form of juice or decoction, plain and simple, the fruit itself will help in maintaining a health note 10.

Against influenza infections

The first instinct when you are struggling with a flu or a cold is to go to the drugstore and buy a long list of pills. I advise you to change your route to market … Why towards the market, you might say? To buy more oranges.

You will see that if you consume in abundance, you’ll get rid of fever, headaches, colds, eliminating the specific at the same time, the sensation of Vertigo and battle fatigue.
Also, oranges have antiinfectioase effects, stimulate immunity through high vitamin C content which it contains and significantly reduce unpleasant symptoms of viral diseases.

Against kidney stones

It has been demonstrated scientifically that a glass of orange juice consumed daily, prevents formation of kidney stones, or if they are already installed, help relieve them.

Oxalatii are practically dissolve by the citric acid content of oranges.
If you have suffered from gall, doctors recommend to drink at least half a litre of orange juice daily.
Against constipation and indigestion
One of the beneficial effects of an orange is that accelerates intestinal transit and stimulates the activity of enzymes in the gut, preventing in this way, constipation.

Also, being a powerful catalyst for digestion, Orange has a fairly strong effect and in stimulating gastrointestinal secretions, indigestion, thus removed

Effective in heart disease

Natural orange juice because it help increase good cholesterol-HDL and lower pressing Devil-LDL, it is highly effective in treating and preventing heart disease.

Due to the rich content of folic acid naturally, regular consumption of orange juice reduces the appearance of cardiac arrhythmia, atherosclerosis and cardiac ischemia.
Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins!
Three or four oranges eaten on a daily basis, your body provides much of the vitamins it needs.

Even if these do not have an impressive content in vitamin A or vitamin B complex, it has been shown that the nutrients in oranges are more efficiently absorbed by the body, compared to vegetables, for example. For this reason, the introduction of the daily food of oranges can contribute successfully to remove some unpleasant moods such as anemia, battle fatigue or lack of energy!

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Against cancer

Everybody knows that Mediterranean food is very healthy, and that those who use such a diet have a much lower incidence of breast cancer, lung, pancreas, colon, or rectum.

And precisely because the citrus fruit is one of the most important ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, the researchers made a series of discoveries that oranges contain numerous anticancer substances.

Nay, more, it was found that people who eat a lot of oranges or lemons, there’s a very low number of diseases of stomach cancer, esophagus or oral cavity. All the effects of vitamin C protects against harmful action of some carcinogenic chemicals such as nitrosamines.

Against headaches

If you consume at least a litre of Orange decoction daily, you’ll notice an improvement of brain blood irigarii, acting directly on the level of the central nervous system, this leading to a reduction in the sensation of pain.
Precautions in case of treatment with oranges
Be very careful if you have to follow any treatment with orange peel because, more often than not, they are chemically treated for better preservation or, simply, for their coloring.

Normally, chemicals from the peel of oranges are sticky and leaves no traces on the reddish-orange towel, and regarding the conservation, the trail will be yellowish-gray.


If you suffer from rheumatism, eating oranges is not exactly recommended because their acidic nature juice can exacerbate the symptoms of arthritis.

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Flavor and good taste-beneficial effects of Oranges

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