The benefits of the consumption of honey bees

Honey is a sweet food made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Honey is one of the healthiest and complex food. Rather it is a super food because it contains vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, minerals, enzymes derived from bees, bioflavonoizi and antioxidants that give a tremendous therapeutic value.

Contains vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, minerals, enzymes derived from bees, bioflavonoizi and antioxidants

When consumed, the best nutrients obtained from the flower from which the honey bee are immediately absorbed into the body. Of vitamins, the most important are those of the B complex and, in smaller quantities, something, vitamins C, A, D and k. the minerals present in the honey into a form easily assimilable by the human body, are very numerous, varying depending on the type of honey: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, plus extremely small amounts of selenium , chromium and iodine.



images (75)What are the benefits of the consumption of honey?

First of all, honey is the fastest and powerful natural Energizer. It helps to have a good tone and loaded with energy. The substances it contains are extremely easily assimilated by the body, which gets through not only honey needed calories, but rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Then the honey is a natural, powerful medicines that Act on the main instruments and systems in the body, from the digestive tract and Airways to the skin and mucous membranes.

The fastest and powerful energizing natural known

This product of the bee hive is a powerful stimulant of digestion and metabolism, promotes intestinal transit, helping to prompt elimination of toxins from the body. Last but not least the honey is useful in maintaining balance, helping to regulate the endocrine activity of the main glands of the body producing hormones.



images (76)Honey can be used as a means of disease prevention

Diabetes-recent studies, made in many countries of the world, shows that the total replacement of sugar in honey nutrition leads to a decrease of 60% to 70% in the rate of occurrence of diabetes. Especially in children and young people's nutrition is recommended using honey as a sweetener, unique because it helps prevent juvenile diabetes, otherwise it cannot be cured through current means.

Overweight-it is recommended to also replace sugar with honey total, which do not give the same addiction as zaharicalele. Recent research shows that over 60% of obezii around the world are practically addicted to sugar and, especially, the products you include the (chocolate, cakes, juices, candies, ice cream). Honey, this dependency does not appear.

images (78)Caries-causing bacteria as not only fixed the level of tooth enamel, but certain metabolic disorders products, according to several studies, consumption of sugar. Since the advent of sugar in food, after 200 years, the rate of occurrence of diseases such as dental caries, diabetes, obesity has increased exponentially. Currently, dental decay is the most prevalent disease in the world, 98% of the planet's population suffering from it. If you want to brake hard, this phenomenon of emergence of problems completely replace sugar with honey.

Constipation-is very effectively prevents the daily consumption of honey. The dose to be taken every day is two teaspoons of honey, as much as possible clear and fresh (made in that year).

Osteoporosis occurs when the body is no longer enough estrogen hormones are synthesized, hormones that have a crucial role in the fixing calcium in bones. All types of honey contain small quantities Royal Jelly, the richest natural substance in this type of hormones. Thus, daily intake of honey provides this aid systematic hormonal body, helping to prevent this disease.

images (74)Premature menopause can occur at not-women who daily consume honey, raw fruits and vegetables. These foods are a powerful reintineritor, stimulating the ovaries and harmonious work of delaying the appearance of menopause, with up to ten years.

Lack of calcium and magnesium is not overcome straight honey, which contains still pretty low amounts of these minerals. Instead, replace sugar with honey stops deficiencies in these substances, as opposed to "white poison" (as it is called sugar), honey don't consume and do not disturb as chlorophyll of these two essential minerals.

Disorders of growth and development in children-can be extremely effectively prevented by systematic intake of honey and Bee Pollen. Both products stimulates the processes of growth and harmonious development, both physically and psychologically or mentally.

Traditionally, honey is used extensively and in the kitchen, or for the preparation of sweets or soft drinks, but also bonding with itself in different ways. Ancient remedies and recipes, preserved over the centuries, and they enjoy the positive feedback in past years, when it comes to honey bees or bee products.

honeyHoney is not just a deli, but most delicious medicine of nature. With all that honey can use in cakes or medicinal teas (with their own components enhance the curative effect of them), it is impossible to forget, like baking or boiling water through dilution in the nutrient sources: even Medicinal teas from indulcirea deserves to be mixed in a little liquid cooled.

Honey can be used in teas or cakes

Beware though, honey is forbidden to children aged under 1 year. In addition, people who suffer from diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome have to consume honey with just the doctor.

mHoney is one of the healthiest foods and complex, with a large number of health benefits to the human body, and the substances it contains are highly facilitative. Honey is the most rapid and powerful energizing natural known, contains vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, minerals, enzymes derived from bees, bioflavonoizi and antioxidants that give a tremendous therapeutic value.




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