The small ABC of cooking




  • Steam bath

Their method of heating a preparation consisting in the culinary așezareaa food dish in another bowl filled with hot water at the rate of three fourths of the volume. Is used for dishes with eggs, creams or even reheating of food.

  • Liquor

Frăgezirea composition used for meat, particularly that of the game. In this way, the meat flavor lends special and remains fresh for longer. In addition, wine vinegar or buttermilk can also add onions and various spices, such as Bay leaves, juniper berries, black pepper and cloves.


  • Rinse with cold water

The vegetables are put into boiling water about two to five minutes and then off with cold water. Thus, the color is maintained and vegetables are crisp. If the vegetables are frozen immediately after this procedure, maintains freshness for a longer period.

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  • Confit

This term refers to the preparation of the meals of meat, vegetables or fruit at low temperatures, either in fat or in a concentrated sugar syrup.


  • Decoration

Fruits and vegetables are cut or peel with utensils or special knives in a certain form and used as a decoration.


  • Deglasare

Liquids such as water, broth, or wine is added to the Pan or roasting pan in which you cooked the food (e.g. meat or vegetables). Boil gently to loosen debris shall be on the basis of the dish. If you add a little flour, can result in delicious sauces.

  • Degreasing

Consists in removing fat collected from the surface of a food and after chilling.


  • Boil crushed

Is the method by which to cook the ingredients are coated with liquid and cooked slowly in a covered dish, for an extended period. In this way, not only is the meat, but it does and mix the flavors, resulting in a deliciously prepared.


  • Icing

It is a layer of melted chocolate or sugar, in various combinations, they dress up the cake and cakes.


  • Gratin or au gratin "

Baking process of the food to heat in oven or microwave until you catch up to the surface a golden-brown crust. Usually you use a gratin egg mixture, cheese and sour cream.

  • Suppression

Describes an easy method of cooking in which, for example, meat, fish or vegetables are cooked in a little water heated just below the boiling point (boiling). In the case of eggs will add extra vinegar in the cooking water.

  • Embedding

Albuşurile cream or foam are added, beaten by circular motions in the composition of the cakes. Thus, they will be fluffier.

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  • Thickening

Represents the increase in density of sauces or soups, derived by adding cornstarch or flour. Thus, the flour is blended with cold water, then add the hot liquid and, while simmering, stir. Eggs are also a binder. Fluids related to the egg, mandatory, must not be boiled.

  • Binding

The "connect" various ingredients by using eggs or gălbenuşurilor. Beat using a whisk and pour hot liquid, for example, milk or cream.


  • Gland

The term refers to a sauce, made by boiling liquid until the reduction of the quantity and îngroșarea's.

  • Sotare

Add flour over the hot fat (e.g. butter) and by mixing heats up until it acquires a slightly brown color. By adding liquids such as soup, creamy and tasty sauces.


  • Extinguishing media

Over hot foods or cooked (e.g. eggs or paste) pour cold water, when cooking process is finished. Through this process, the pasta does not stick to each other, and the vegetables retain their natural color.

  • Stroganoff

This culinary preparation was named after count Paul Stroganov and consists of young thin strips of meat beef, onions and mushrooms, sauteed in butter and all blended with cream. It is usually served with rice dishes.



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