Tomato juice diet-destroying cellulite and get rid of the 4 lbs in 7 days

imagesReducing the risk of cancer, strengthen bones, improving vision and protection against ultraviolet rays are just some of the many benefits of tomato consumption.

Therefore, a diet of tomato juice is healthier than many other diets.

Other features that make the tomatoes to be the ideal ingredient for a healthy diet are:

-they have a rich content of water and fiber;
-are low in saturated fat and calories;
-100 grams of tomatoes offers a body of necessary vitamins A and C, B-complex vitamins;
-are high in vitamin E-filing that combats cholesterol on the blood vessels.

It also stimulates hormone production tomatoes called leptin, responsible for appetite control, regulation of metabolism and the reduction of excess body weight.
At the same time, it looks like tomato diet is an enemy to be feared of cellulite and, due to the large amounts of antioxidants, these vegetables are excellent for maintaining the beauty of your skin and to strengthen the immune system.

At the same time, Tomatoes contain lycopene, another substance that work wonders especially for women, this prevents uterine cancer and osteoporosis.

Behold, so what is the menu for a week of tomato juice diet, after which miss 4 of unwanted pounds:


Breakfast: a boiled egg, a slice of cheese (with a lower percentage of fat cat), a slice of bread, a glass of tomato juice
Lunch: a small serving of cooked pasta, a salad of Eggplant with three, green onions, tomatoes, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice, yogurt and a glass of tomato juice
Dinner: tomato soup, 100 grams of grilled chicken breast and a fruit of your choice


Breakfast: a slice of cheese, a tomato, a slice of black bread
Lunch: tomato soup, 150 grams of grilled and over a yogurt easily
Dinner: a crisp salad of three tomatoes, two cucumber, green onion, salad, olive oil, lemon juice and a fruit of your choice


Breakfast: a bowl of seasonal fruit salad, coffee, optional
Lunch: one serving Oriental salad, 150 grams of grilled chicken and a glass of tomato juice
Dinner: a small portion of mashed potatoes, a boiled egg and a salad of three tomatoes


Breakfast: a slice of branz, two slices of bread, a glass of tomato juice
Lunch: 150 grams of cooked fish, a bowl of salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and green onions and a fruit of your choice.
Dinner: a serving of tomato soup, 200 grams of boiled green beans and a fruit salad.


Breakfast: 200 grams of raw pineapple and a cup of milk
Lunch: a fried egg, two slices of black bread, a bowl of tomato and cucumber salad and a fruit of your choice
Dinner: 200 grams of grilled mushrooms, a slice of cheese, a salad of tomatoes and a glass of tomato juice


Breakfast: a slice of cheese, two slices of wholemeal bread
Lunch: 100 grams of cooked chicken meat, 50 grams of cooked rice, a salad with tomatoes and a fruit of your choice
Dinner: 100 grams of boiled over, a boiled potato and a glass of tomato juice


Breakfast: yoghurt, two slices of black bread, a fruit of your choice.
Lunch: one serving of grilled chicken breast, two baked potatoes and a glass of tomato juice
Dinner: 100 grams of cheese, a tomato salad with green onions and cucumbers, a fruit of your choice.

There is also extreme variant of this 7-day diets, in which it recommended that at breakfast to consume a normal menu, but at lunch and dinner to just drink tomato juice.

Also to lose unwanted pounds, it is recommended to drink a glass of tomato juice every day, on a longer duration.
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