Tricks in the kitchen less known

1. Why choose shrimp to be as fresh

Find the prawns on at some supermarkets stand on ice beds are actually less fresh than frozen ones, although many believe the opposite. That’s because, in order to conserve during transportation, most merchants ii congeleaza shortly after being “fished”. And once they are thawed, as often happens with those on ice beds, prawns are not good for more than two days. Therefore, it is safer to choose frozen shrimp, which I dezgheti when you need it.

2. How to avoid like a pie to innegreasca above

If you want the top of the side of a pie to no innegreasca takes into account the following trick: cut an aluminum foil with an area of about 70 square centimeters (or how much you need for your shape-round), and folds it in half, then in half again until you hit a square, as shown in the picture below; then cut with a scissors approximately one quarter of the total area of the square, in the shape of semicircle, starting about 7-9 cm above the upper flirtin etc.

Despatureste then stylesheet and put it on top of the tray, to check if the gap did you fit on the surface of the foil so as to cover only its edges, which usually blacken faster.

If the gap is too small, the folds again and cut the sheet a little (it is important not to cut too much at the beginning). Then put the foil over the pie, under the tray edges bagand, not to move, and then give the pie in the oven as long as you need.


3. How to easily cut a cake of ice cream

If you remove immediately from the freezer, an ice cream cake can be hard to cut, and if you expect to be more tender and melts. The easiest is to use a knife on to heat in hot water before. Slices obtained in this way will be perfect, looking very well. When necessary, reincalzeste knife blade.

4. How to make a salad with a few hours before the mass, ends an aspect not quite pleasant

If you want to make a salad with a few hours before the mass, most likely it will look pretty bad until you have consumed. To avoid this, however you can call up the following strategy: first, put the sauce on the bottom of the salad bowl, then add the vegetables more countries (chopped), such as cucumbers, radishes, peppers, and then on the softer, like tomatoes. Put the above a few lettuce leaves, chopped, and cover the bowl with a paper towel thicker and slightly damp (do not mix up the ingredients).

Put the bowl in the fridge, and before mass removing it, add some croutons and mix. This salad can look good and after he spent 10 to 12 hours in refrigerator.

5. How to keep a crispy fried meat

If you fry the chicken for example and want to remain crispy, not place pieces on a plate because the heat created will generate steam in contact with the plate, and they will soften the bottom of steak sandvich. Instead, put the pieces on a small Grill that will let air circulate and keep them crispy for longer.

6. How to clean the grill with aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is the practice in many activities in the kitchen, being used in some food packaging or their coverage in order to keep it juicy. Less known is the fact that the roast Grill can be cleaned with the aid of it, if you do a piece with her spaz and rub each pillar.

7. How to make barbecue without food to turn over

If you tried to cook various foods on frigari metal most likely you noticed that pieces twist when frigarile are made on the grill, making it difficult to come back from one side to another. But the solution would be to put food on two frigari or use some wood, but they deteriorate quickly due to fire (sometimes longer and burn the tips).

 8. How do you laugh semi soft cheese

Mozzarella cheese that are very hard on the student because they are softer. If you need to do this, you can put the freezer piece you will shave about half an hour.                    

9. How to clean burnt pans without rub

If you want to rub the burnt pans and pans you can clean and otherwise: put water to cover the bottom and add a quarter Cup of baking soda; then boil the liquid until it evaporates almost entirely; should remain in the wake of a layer that you can remove easily with a towel after you wash the pan.

10. How to prepare vegetables and steamed over, without a special device

If you want to do vegetables steamed, although you do not have a humidifier, put water in a saucepan until lower cover about three centimetres from her height, and place a strainer on the skillet (water should not pass the bottom of strecuratoarei). Put vegetables in colander, then cover the skillet with a lid, and simmer the water from it until the vegetables soften. If you want to make over at steam, put water all about three centimetres, but this time in a pan longer stretched. Place a plate of iron inside (water not to pass the edge of the plate) and put the fish on your plate then you can boil water until meat is tender.

11. How to remove pits from olives with a knife

If you need a few olives pitted for a salad, for example, and you don’t want to use from those taken from Commerce, who often have the inside more severely because it is exposed to salt, for a long time you can very easy home impossible pits. Place olives on a cutting board and with the wider blade of a knife click them to cleave. If not Cleave out first roll them slightly up and down until it splits, and nuts can be pulled easily from the inside.

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