Attention! Fire in the kitchen. How do you put out the fire?

From an oil pan was ignited.

A damp kitchen cloth can extinguish a pan that caught fire.
A fire instructor, wearing a protective suit, throw water on the fire produced by the burning of fat, from a distance of about three meters.
Thrown water, being heavier than fat burning already, it will result in the bottom of the dish hot and warm and it instantaneously.
Steam product, having a much larger volume than liquid water, it has a strength explosive astounding and throw the oil ignited upward and out.

In the open field, he would become an “incandescent ball” with a diameter of about 9 m, generating a small nuclear explosion, experts say.
Inside of a kitchen fire, hitting the ball with power and» can destroy the entire room.

Introduce you to a 30-second video on how to be extinguished a fire that appears in a kitchen. This demonstration is made fire at a school, with a deep pan put on fire.
This advertising has an important message. Watch it and remember what you see! Tell your friends and family about this video.
These tips could save your life from a momet! 

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