What happens if you eat BACON with onion!

BaconIt is the traditional MEDICINE of the Romanians! Find out what disease CURES
When medical research discovered the negative actions of novel food products, which have been trying to replace traditional fats, and turned its attention to fat, a food without E, dyes and preservatives.

And they answered the question: why our ancestors were healthy and strong? Well, he proved that fats strengthens the immune system. This quality is due to arachidonic acid, which fosters lower cholesterol, improves body protection functions and also necessary for the production of chemical compounds responsible for immune and inflammatory responses, according to voceatransilvaniei.ro.   


 * Small amounts of fat are good for the heart and blood vessels regulate muscle contractions of internal organs, including the heart muscle, and supports the vascular tone.       

* Smokers also have a benefit if they eat some Bacon, because it contains selenium. This nutrient strengthens the immune system and prevents oxidation in the body. Thus, in respect of cigarettes be reduced.        

10 * Fats and alcoholic intoxication slows, by covering the walls of the stomach and fat dressing that prevents the gastric absorption of alcohol in the stomach. Alcohol passes further into the intestine, where, however, will be absorbed, but gradually.
Pork fat is widely used in folk medicine since the mists of time. Here are some recipes from elders:        

* Fix for pain of joints. Before going to bed, rub thoroughly diseased joints with melted lard or bacon, minced meat through the car, add a tablespoon of honey. Above shall be applied to parchment paper or cellophane, plastic shaft inside it with a scarf or a woolen scarf and allow it to act overnight.

* Joint mobility Disorder after trauma. Rub the affected area with 100 g of pork fat, mixed with a tablespoon of salt, then taped fist with a thick layer of wool.

* Mastitis. Sore place a thin slice of bacon on top of the old, place a piece of foil from chocolate or a pack of cigarettes and is taped fist or sticks with adhesive tape.

* Eczema. Nesărată Bacon melts and cools to 35 degrees. Mix 2 tablespoons of the melted fat with egg whites 2 raw eggs, 100 g of pulp of the fruits of solanum (nightshade, lăsnicior), 3 tablespoons juice of celandine. The Salve soak 2-3 days, cold, then brush it places are ill, 2 times per day.

slana* Tooth aches. A small slice of bacon nesărată is applied on the painful tooth between gum and cheek, for 15-20 minutes. Toothache disappears gradually.

* Bone Spur (beaks). Prepare an ointment from nesărată 100 g pork Bacon, chopped, a raw egg and 100 ml vinegar concentrate (essence). Jar with blending takes place in a dark place, until complete dissolution of slăninei, stirring periodically. Before the procedure, heel in hot water then apply it on the painful area a cotton ball soaked in the ointment. Compress is applied at night, morning wash the soles with warm water. Duration of treatment is 5-7 days.

Source: http://observator.tv

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