White grapes, prolonged youth

_ 1The grapes maintain the health of the liver and kidneys, lowering the acidity of urine. I'm a heart of invigorating the blood vessels, and lungs, having antiasmatic effect. Rejuvenate cell, we maintain and prolong the life of young people.

Grape is one of the richest fruit in healthy substances for the body, many of them acting on mechanisms to slow down aging.


Complex biochemical analyses have proven that in the grain and grape pulp, nuts and seeds are found almost all the vitamins in higher amounts being vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, vitamin D, K, E and f.
From the grain of grapes there are chlorides, phosphates, iodides of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium and iron, along with amino acids, malic acid, quercitine, tartic and Coenzyme Q10.
Because of this complex compositions, the grapes maintain liver health, being a remedy against the gallstone, beneficial for kidney health, lowering the acidity of urine.
9Grape is also an invigorating heart of blood vessels, and lungs, having antiasmatic effect. For the digestive system, it acts as anticonstipant and brain health, by amount of vitamin B6, B9, B10 and magnesium, is a good antinevrotic.
At the same time, the consumption of grapes has a anticancerigen effect, due to the procianidine.
It also regulates blood pressure and fat deposits, increasing bone strength at the same time, thus facilitating and encouraging the use of hydroelectricity output balance body and raising the age.
Incomplete elimination of the grapes metabolizaţi rush that can become toxic to the body, have a diuretic effect, draining liquids containing toxins from the body, have anti-inflammatory effect on the joints, regulates body temperature, being even a good antifebril.
Through all these effects, are considered an effective grapes natural medicine, effective prophylaxis and treatment both in the 85 diseases without ever putting the anti-infection effect against accounts of tens of pathogens.
Because of these qualities of universal medicine, regular consumption of grapes can significantly increase life expectancy.
It is well known that a body protected from disease is more likely to preserve tissues younger and more apt to struggle with any element that could endanger lives. In addition to all these aspects have been recently discovered some new ones that make the grapes a real remedy against aging.

4Slow down the aging of cells
Substances in the grain of white grapes, such as some heterocyclic derivatives of amino acids, can help a great deal of cells will not wear out.
The researchers estimated a gerontologi unpretentious grape (every 3 days), for one year, can decrease the pace of ageing of the body with more than 15%.
Intense belts with white grapes, with a consumption of 250 g per day for 3 weeks, can reduce the speed of aging with 20% for the next 4 months. These data imply, of course, a healthy lifestyle, both in terms of food, and the relationship between stress and sleep quality.

2Prolong the life of the heart
The heart is, as is well known, the most important organ for survival and, at the same time, the organ that makes the greatest effort in the course of our lives.
Eating grapes in the cure of at least 20 days we retain cardiac tissue healthier and younger. This is reflected in the decrease in the speed of ageing of all tissues who permanently takes oxygen and nutrients through the blood pump by the cord.

Fight aging with external factors
Outside the natural wear and tear of the organitelor and the genetic material of the cell, aging is pricinuită and a lot of factors outside the body, which represents approximately 60% of all causes of aging.
One of the most important factors of ageing is related to pollutants, toxins in certain foodstuffs or pathogenic factors, medicamentoşi, drugs or risk and, last but not least, the stress.
American anthropologists have observed that in populations of the wine-growing regions, all those who do not fall into his passion of Bacchus have a very long life duration, and the degree of aging is very low until the age of 80 years. At the same time, small amounts of procianidine (Opc) extended youth body by lowering cholesterol and increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels.

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