Why should we be weak?

Magnus BilicSomeone said at one point that we never weak enough or wealthy. If I could choose, no one would want to be fat. Nay: 7 out of 10 women are convinced that their lives would improve considerably if they lose weight.

It’s that interesting psychology described syndrome “5 pounds of happiness”. Is that “better” dream and keep to live lives of prevent currently enjoy “good” already existing. Interestingly, until the 1960s, the only overweight women kept their diets, while slimming cure now is a way of life, a natural way to feed us. During the ‘ 70s, Dr. Atkins Diet protein invents and 40 years later, food pyramid needs to be redefined: a person’s usual diet normoponderale is no longer based on carbohydrates (bread, cereal, potatoes, polenta), but on the vegetables.

Our plates are reconfigured, we need special authorization to eat meat with garnish. How about pasta or pizza apparently are a luxury that only the lucky ones and can’t afford it anymore. Why has gotten our existence to be dominated and subject to body image?

Why 90% of women are upset with their body, and 80% of them have held at least once in their lifetime a slimming cure? Why must we be weak at any cost?

Because this chronic discontent, this excessive concern for image makes us perfect consumers. Information, services, products. And seriously, we divert attention from real issues and concerns of our lives: fulfillment of mind, self-respect and self-reliance, passions and concerns that bring us joy, your own personal values and achievements, independent of social pressure and templates required by others.

When you are told how to look, what to do and how you need to win as to contezi, to be validated as an individual, the vicious circle was closed, freedom is forfeit! You get caught in the race of “better”, “more” and you are always feeling that induces not enough, as it takes effort, and a continuous struggle for an unattainable ideal. And that’s not yours, does not come from you!

Snack obsession is actually the obsession for happiness. Looking for a Utopian happiness which we waste our lives, we forget who we are, our souls, estrange us grieve, suffer.

Obligations of family, social and professional concern for weakened us all the time consuming, we filled existence makes us perfect performers of targets too high, too many, too heavy. We are shown the main culprit for our displeasure and incompleteness: extra pounds. And it induces the solution: the power weakens, ta! It’s a mad rush and pointless, does not lead anywhere, it’s a dead end. You can never be sufficiently weak or rich, do not deceive!

Give to a weakened side for obsession and see what remains in your life

Try to find things that you enjoy today, so imperfectly and inappropriately as you are. Take time for diets and service tasks and set aside time for yourself, time to do what you like, not what you need. As to lose kilos on the scales must win the presence in your own life. The obsession for a weakened virus that divert the attention and you forfeit the most precious values: you, present moment, satisfaction and self-confidence.
The article recounted CSID portal. Author: Mihaela Bilić

Flavor and good taste-why should we be weak?

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